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Senexx is an internal Question and Answers platform that helps corporate identify and manage expertise within their organization, using a patent pending technology.

  • Senexx enhances cross-team collaboration by identifying experts – or individuals with a certain skill set - in an enterprise to employees needing that expertise.
  • Using Senexx's advanced parsing and knowledge-routing algorithms, organizations can realize the full benefit of their current collaboration systems (email, instant messaging and internal social networks).
  • Senexx is a private cloud-based service conceived to improve productivity by integrating seamlessly into an organization's existing enterprise networking platform.
  • Senexx enables an organization to identify individuals with specific knowledge or experience in a particular subject - or in cataloging past solutions to certain events or situations - to channel in- house expertise in dealing with a problem or opportunity.


We started Senexx after working in an organization with 20,000 multi-disciplinary professionals distributed all around Israel. While working there we were suffering from this problem on a daily basis, we just didn't know who could help us with our work-related question or problem.

  1. "We wanted to build a solution that was as easy as sending an email."
  2. "We love using sophisticated technology to solve problems in an easy to use way."
  • Senexx was founded in March 2011 and is a Techstars Boston 2011 graduate.
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“When we began to understand SolvePath, we immediately began to recognize its much stronger potential to connect people with questions to verified and identified experts that would yield a response directly and specifically relevant to them”
Patrick Houston, Founder and Principal, Media Architects

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